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    Our database contains everything you need to contact freight lead. Business name, address, phone, and industry.

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What is your freight shipper directory?

Our directory of freight shippers contains 2,500+ potential freight leads to help you establish or grow a book of business. Each lead contains the company name, address, phone number, industry type, and some even include the name of the person in charge of logistics.

How many leads do I get?

Our directory contains 2,500 + freight leads. Why the plus sign? We like to include some extra "just in case". Phone numbers can change and businesses can abruptly shut down. We want to make sure you are covered if a few of the leads have bad information.

Does everyone get the same list?

Not at all! Each customer gets a unique list of freight leads. What's the point if 25 other brokers are soliciting the same shippers?

Is this a book or a digital file?

You'll get your leads delivered in a neat and organized excel spreadsheet. This makes it easy for you to stay organized. You can even upload it directly to your favorite CRM or freight broker software.

How are your leads different?

Our leads are much higher quality than the competition. We actually filter them to only include potential freight shippers. The other lists on the market include hundreds of thousands of business listings, but how many of them are actually relevant? Don't waste your time calling "junk" leads.

I have some more questions

Feel free to submit an email through our website, we're happy to answer any questions you might have.